Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Are Back!

Have you missed us? We have missed all of our friends. Mom has been busy and we haven't had much computer time. She went to Knoxville, TN to see Alice Cooper. Then the next week she saw Alice Cooper when he played in our hometown, Louisville, KY. Then she took off and went to North Carolina to visit our Aunt Torchy AND they went to another Steampunk convention that was in Chapel Hill, NC. They also saw a movie: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We heard that it got horrible reviews but mom liked it. Her next short trip is in a couple of weeks or so. She is going to Peoria, IL to see Alice Cooper. You'd think she likes this guy or something!

It looks like we will be getting a new roof put on our house and garage soon. The insurance adjuster and contractor will be at our house early tomorrow morning for a look at the old roof. It's about 20 years old, and we've had a lot of wind and hail over the past couple of years. Mom's pretty sure there is damage. We are a little worried about all of the noise that will be echoing through the house when the work begins. We haven't gone through anything like this before. Mom said we will all find places to hide while the workers are here.

We are going to have a very bad spell of the HOTS over the next three or four days. The temps are suppose to be 100 or higher! According to the weather pundits, it looks like a good portion of the mid-west and east coast will be in the same predicament. We hope everyone will stay safe and cool indoors!

Purrs to all of our friends!

Clarissa & Co


  1. Your human has seen Alice Cooper more in the past few weeks than my human has seen of him in her lifetime, MOL! But I hear he puts on an awesome show, even if there are no kitties in it.

  2. Our mom saw Alice Cooper back in the 70s!