Friday, June 1, 2012

Steampunk Mom (Pictures)

Today we are going to share a few pictures from the World Steam Expo. That's the steampunk convention that mom was at last weekend. She was being a Lady for these pics. One day we will post the pics of her as an Airship Pirate!  Mom is the one in the checkered skirt and blue skirt. The other person is our Aunt Torchy. We've posted pics of her kitties here.

Aunt Torchy and mom made up character names. Aunt Torchy's is Gwendolyn Torchester Goodhead and mom's is Millicent Ophelia Goodhead. They are the Goodhead sisters and always say two Goodheads are better than one!

They attended a morning tea on Saturday. Look at that delicious food!!! And flowers to nom on too!!!

This was taken at the end of morning tea. Would you believe that a lot of people thought mom's wig was her real hair?!!!

The band, Abney Park, played two concerts at the convention. This was after the Saturday afternoon show. Mom was very excited to meet them. She has a big crush on Capt. Robert (he is in the white shirt).

Thanks for letting us share the pictures of our mom with you! We promise to have more pictures of us to share soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Oh you guys just had the best of times! My mom would have enjoyed that too. xox

  2. That looked like it was lots of fun! You kitties should have gone too!