Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

It's been overcast here and rain is on the way. Mom is off to Knoxville, TN tomorrow and won't be back until Wednesday. We won't be posting again until she gets home. We've spent the day napping in various places. We will leave you with a picture of Brother Spunky and Sister Ginger sort of cuddling together. Mom woke them up when she came in with the camera.


  1. Spunky and Ginger do NOT look happy at being disturbed!

  2. What's with your Mom running off again? You guys need to yak in protest!

  3. MY gosh, *I* live 15 miles away from Knoxville!

  4. Oh you two sure look comfy but not overjoyed at waking up to the camera. Yuck.
    Thanks for your nice comment about Grayson. It was a sad time around here.
    Hope you have a great day and a better week end.

  5. Don't do too much house trashing while Mom is away!