Thursday, July 5, 2012


Good morning kitties (and any doggers who visit, too!). We hope everyfur had a very safe July 4th. It was much too noisy around here for our tastes! As soon as darkness fell, the noisy celebrations began.  The KABOOMS! were so loud, mom said it sounded like we were being bombed.  This noise had to be from the professional fireworks show that was downtown on the Ohio River. Even though we live in the suburbs, we can usually here the explosions at our house. For the most part, we kitties just slept through it. Mom is relieved that the majority of us aren't afraid of fireworks.

Mother Nature sent her own fireworks display around 3:00am. We had thunderboomers rumble through the area. The worst of it stayed in the southwest part of the county. We just had the lightning and thunder, but no rain. Mom knows we could use some rain, but it would only make the air more steamy than it is now.

When the 100+ temps arrived last week the humidity was still low. Now the humidity level is up so it feels very sticky outside. We are glad we get to stay inside in the air conditioned coolness. Mom has to go out and she hates it.

Stay cool kitties!!!


  1. So... peeps set off fireworks and then Mother Nature decided to get in on the act? WOW! I can't imagine I would have liked that one bit. No... if someone is gonna make scary noises 'round here, I want it to be me. Not that I do.. that's just the way I would like it best. purrs

  2. We dont like the big bangs either thank cod it only happens twice a year! Glad to hear everyone stayed safe!

  3. We kitties with homes have it good, with air conditioning during heat waves and a place to feel safe from fireworks. I worry sometimes about the kitties who aren't as fortunate, though.

  4. No boomies here. Thunderstorms nor fireworks. Fireworks were cancelled due to high fire danger. This didn't hurt our kitteh feelings at all!

  5. we had boomers and I stayed with mommy. And nature brought some this afternoon and I stayed on her lap for comforts.

  6. Our AC is working overtime in this heat.