Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Caturday!!!

We are enjoying our Caturday by lounging around the house while our mom does laundry and final unpacks from her trip. We always like it when mom stays home with us on the weekends. We all get cuddle time and that makes us happy.

The weather is cool today, at least for the 2nd day of June. Mom turned off the air conditioner and opened up some windows. She is airing out the house AND we get to have window whiffies all day!

We hope everyone is enjoying their Caturday!!!!


  1. Our mom doesn't trust our screens so we don't get open windows. Have a great Caturday!

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. Nothing like a weekend with the Mommy. Helping her unpack is even better. Window whiffies put your weekend over-the-top! Enjoy, furriends!

  3. We are having an open-window Caturday here too - it's very pleasant today!

  4. Our window season is over, it's 109 here today! btw, Mommy LOVES Steampunk.