Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our ABC Award

Way back in April, Katie Isabella sent us the ABC Award. We have been very neglectful in posting the reward and our response to it. Since there are 15 of us, it will be a group effort.

A is for AWESOME.  Mom says we are all awesome kitties!

B is for BOISTEROUS. Serendipity is the most boisterous kitty!

C is for CUDDLES.  Sable is a major cuddle-bug!

D is for DOODLE.  Doodle is one of Daisy's nicknames!

E is for ENERGETIC.  We all have these great burst of energy and wear mom out!

F is for FEISTY.  Fiona is the feisty one at our house!

G is for GAZING. Sometimes we gaze out the windows and watch the birds and squirrels!

H is for HALO.  We know Angel Colin has his halo and wings!

I is for ICE CREAM.  We love it when mom shares her vanilla ice cream with us!

J is for JUMPING.  Memphis is the highest jumper of the family!

K is for KICKING.  We love to "bunny kick" our catnip toys (and sometimes mom's hand!)

L is for LOVED.  We are loved and we love our meowmie! 

M is for MEOW.  Bandit and Fred have the softest meows!

N is for NIP.   Most of us like catnip. Clarissa is the only one who tries to bury it!

O is for OVERDRIVE.  That's the speed we go at when we chase each other!

P is for POOP.  There is plenty of that at our house!

Q is for QUICK.  Sable was the quick one when catching real live mice!

R is for RISSA ROO.  That's Clarissa's nickname and she is mom's baby girl!

S is for SNEAKY.  Sable is sneaky when he tries to steal Fred's food!

T is for TERRIFIC.  We are a terrific clowder of cats according to mom!

U is for UNIQUE.  We all have our unique personalities and quirks!

V is for VEXING.  Mom says we are vexing when one of us gets sick and hides on her!

W is for WONDERFUL.  We are cats! How could we not be wonderful!!!

X is for X-TREME.  Bandit and Jazzpurr will have x-treme wrestling matches!

Y is for YOWL. Memphis will yowl from another room if he is left alone!

Z is for ZIP.  We love to zip around the house when we have our crazy ears on!

We read too many great blogs to pass this award on to a favorite. Therefore, if you haven't won this award yet, please consider yourself chosen!  We would love to read more about all of our friends!       


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your award! Those were great answers. Aren't awards fun? purrs

  2. I love this award - it gives me a chance to find out a lot about the winners!

  3. I am SO glad you did this. xoxoxoxoxoox