Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We wanted to ask all of our friends to keep Lily in their purrs, barks, and prayers this morning. Mom took her to see the surgeon yesterday. After going over Lily's x-rays mom could see what was going on inside of Lily's ear.

All cats have bacteria in their ears. If their ears are kept clean it's usually not a problem. In Lily's case the bacteria gets trapped, and even cleaning can't reach all of it. The bacteria grows and multiplies, eventually forming an abscess. The abscess will rupture and drain out through Lily's ear. This has happened repeatedly, causing scar tissue to form, plus some of the softer tissue has mineralized and has hardened so it is more like bone fragments.

The surgeon is going to remove all of that tissue and any bone fragments. Lily has always been deaf on that side, so she won't notice anything different. She may have a problem with balance after the surgery. She also may have some drooping on that side of her face. The surgeon said the drooping is usually temporary and will go away as she heals up.

Lily stayed at the surgeon's office last night. He was hoping to do the surgery yesterday afternoon, but they had a couple of emergencies and couldn't do it.

Mom said they will probably keep her tonight for observation.

We will keep everyone posted.

Clarissa & Co.


  1. MEGA-purrs and healing Light to sweet Lily! We hope all goes smoothly. Do post an update if you can!

  2. We hope everything goes well for Lily's surgery! My boys are purring for her and I have my fingers crossed too :-) Please let us know as soon as you have any news!

  3. My sisters and I are all purring for sweet little Lily.

  4. Purrs and PURRS for sweet Lily. Please keep us posted...we hope this will be the end of her ear problems, for good!