Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catching Up on the Happenings at Home

UPDATE ON HOPE:  We wrote about Hope, the dog that was thrown from a moving car, in our last post. Her injuries were more serious than first reported. Since then Hope has had two surgeries. Hope sustained two fractures of her back, a crushed pelvis, and two broken legs. Her first surgery was to repair her back. She came through that surgery without difficulties. Yesterday she had surgery on her pelvis and legs. We haven't heard how that went for her. We are still purring for her. As of yesterday, there is still no arrest of the person who did this horrific crime. Unfortunately, we have a feeling that he/she will not be caught.

Clarissa Report:  Unfortunately the antihistamine did not work for me and I continued to chew on my belly. Mom called the vet on Saturday morning and asked if she thought it would be okay for me to have my Depo injection now. The vet okayed it so it was into the PTU for me and a short trip to the vet. My belly is pink and bare, but the chewed places have scabbed over and are healing. I even have the back of my hind legs bare.

Other Vet Visits:  Bandit, Batman, Clarissa, Ginger, and Panda were all due for vaccines in September or October. While mom had me (Clarissa) at the vet's, she asked if they had an opening to bring in the September cats. I was due in September, but mom is debating whether I should be vaccinated. I'm 10 years old now, and I stay inside all of the time. We've heard a lot of people say they don't vaccinate their "senior" cats.

Mom made an appointment to take Batman, Ginger, and Panda in to see our vet later in that morning. She took me home and got out two more carriers. Ginger and Panda HATE to be picked up and they will squirm and twist and turn and yowling to get away. Mom learned a long time ago that she needs to wrap them in a bath towel when she picks them up.  Mom was able to grab Ginger because she was sleeping on the cat tree. The next "victim" of cat-napping was Batman. Unfortunately for mom, Panda was quicker than her and she got away and hid under the bed. This was good news for Panda. It was bad news for Bandit. He was cat-napped instead!

Bandit is so scared at the vet's office. It is the only time he will lay in mom's lap. And then he will stick his head under her arm or in her armpit to hide his head! But he did very well once the vet appeared. He's lost about a pound since last year, but the vet said that was fine. And both Batman and Ginger received good reports too! They all needed their rabies vaccine, and two of the needed that other vaccine that covers several things. I don't remember what the initials are.

Other news:  The nights are getting cooler here and we are snuggle more with mom when she goes to bed. Fiona always snuggles up against mom's chest or back. Bandit will lay between her legs and he is next to impossible to move once he goes to sleep. Mom said she has never seen a cat sleep as deeply as he does.  Lily takes one corner at the foot of the bed and Jazzpurr takes the other corner. The rest of us come and go during the night. Panda has a feather pillow on top of a storage bin that she likes to sleep on. To mom's knowledge, Panda has never slept in any of the human beds.

Guess that's it for now! Hope everyone is staying warm or staying cool, depending on where you live!


  1. We are purraying that Hope comes through the next round of surgeries ok. Please keep us informed. skeeter used to chew her tum when we first moved into our house (there were ferals outside and she didn't like that) But she has since, stopped. Sorry to hear about the cat~nappings to the vet. But glad you're all ok!!!

  2. Gee, you all sure have been vet busy, but it sounds like things are pretty good!

  3. Poor sweet Hope. What a horrible thing to do to any living creature, we sure hope karma catches them.

    We're purring for you guys,Inigo says you match him Miss Clarissa!

  4. I am purring for Hope. What an awful thing!

    I'll try to start working on that YMCA thing ;-)