Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Time to Meet Ginger!

Without further ado, it is time for everyone to meet my adopted sisfur, Ginger!:

Hi everyone. My name is Ginger (aka Gingersnap). I'm really friendly and not as huge and grumpy as that above picture makes me look. With that said, I must confess that I am a large girl. I weigh about 14 lbs.

I moved to my forever home from Ohio in June 2007. Mom told you our story when you met Batman. In a nutshell, our first mom wasn't taking us with her when she moved.

I was born in Ohio (along with my siblings Panda & Spunky) under the front porch of our first human mom's house. At least that's what our forever mom was told. We lived at that house for four years.

You've probably notice I have a lot of dark goop around my eyes. I have some scar tissue on my eyes from the infection I had as a kitten. My eyes water a lot and I get a lot of that nasty goop around the bottom of them. Mom will try to clean it off, but I hate to be held and I make it really hard for her to help me. However, my brother, Spunky, takes care of me and he washes my face and cleans me up. We are very close and could never be separated.

I love attention from mom and her brother, and I will rub around their feet and ankles. They don't make me get down from the breakfast bar either. It's one of the few places I will get where I let them scratch my ears and pet me. I will sleep on mom's bed and sometimes I will even spend the night with her.

I'm usually pretty quiet unless someone tries to pick me up! Then I meow loudly and twist around and squirm until I either get away or they put me down! I've only laid down willingly in mom's lap one time. That was back in the summer. And for the record, Spunky and Panda will not let themselves be picked up either! But they will lay down in mom's lap.

That's me (above) sleeping in one of the kitty beds.

I'm a little shy around people I don't know, and I pretty much spent the first week in my forever home hiding. I would come out if the house was really quiet or wait until everyone was in bed. It was a bit of an adjustment for me to leave a house with only five kitties and move into a house that now had 13 kitties!

My favorite place to sleep is close to my brother, Spunky. But if Spunky doesn't want to nap, then I'll lay down to whoever is the closest and will let me snuggle. That's me with Sable in the photo below:

My eyes are a little light sensitive, which may be why I look a little grumpy. Or maybe I just woke up!

Mom calls me and Panda and Spunky "cow cats" because of our markings. And she says I have the softest fur our of the three of us! I have a half-brother, Puff, too. He is a long-furred gray and white tabby. His face is marked just like mine!

I think I've told you everything I can about least for now!

(aka Gingersnap)
(aka Ginger Pie)


  1. Ginger you are such a pretty girl!
    I can see how you got your name "Ginger Snap" with your lovely coloring!

    My Bobo was born in Ohio too! What part of Ohio were you born in?

    Cat Chat

  2. are a beautiful girl! We are so happy you've landed your furrever home and now have LOTS of furblings! We're sorry your eyes were sick when you were little, but happy they're good now!

  3. You really are a pretty girl and I am so happy that everything turned out so good for you!!!

  4. For Caren:

    Ginger, Spunky, Panda, Puff, and Batman were all born in the Cleveland area of Ohio. It was one of the suburbs, but I don't even remember where it was I went to pick them up now!

    Malinda (meowmie)

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  6. I am from the Cleveland area! When I found my Bobo I lived in N.Randall...I also lived in Beachwood, N.Olmsted, S.Euclid, Beford and Garfield Hts.
    I wish you knew where in Cleveland!

  7. I am from the Cleveland area! When I found my Bobo I lived in N.Randall...I also lived in Beachwood, N.Olmsted, S.Euclid, Beford and Garfield Hts.
    I wish you knew where in Cleveland!

  8. Ginger, (or should we call you Miss Snap?) you are a gorgeous, full-bodies kitty! The ManCats here all like that in a Gal, and the fact you are a snuggler is always a plus.

    We're happy you landed in your House with your Mom, and that you feel safe enough to be petted and loved on...a little bit. Every kitty needs love!