Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lily Update - Looking Better Every Day

We wanted to let our furiends know that Lily Rose is looking better every day. She is still not able to blink her left eye, but the lid relaxes and almost closes when she goes to sleep. She is one week post-op now and acts pretty much like her normal self. Her shaved fur areas are starting to appear fuzzy.

This is Lily's 3rd day going to work with mom. The office staff fuss over her and she likes the attention. We think mom's boss is awesome for letting Lily come to work with mom. But we also know that is a temporary arrangement and if Lily's condition becomes permanent than another arrangement will have to be made. The first day Lily was at mom's office, she spent the day crated. Yesterday, one of mom's co-worker's let Lily roam in his office so she wouldn't have to stay in the crate. He's out today so Lily has his office all to herself. There is a nice window for her to look out of. And a holly tree is right there and it is full of squirrels and birds for her to watch!

Lily will go back to see her surgeon on Monday, November 1st. Hopefully her stitches will come out then.

Also, we've been reading all of our friends' blogs, but we always haven't had the time to comment.

Clarissa & Co.


  1. We're glad Lily is improving and are continuing to send lots of purrs and healing Light!

    Your human does have an awesome boss, for sure!

  2. That does sound good, we all send our purrs to sweet Lily.

  3. Sounds like good news! Glad Lily is on the mend :-) Your boss rocks for sure!!!

  4. We're glad to hear Lily is on the mend and we will continue our get well purrs to her! Glad she's able to go to work with your mom.

  5. Thanks for visiting us......we are purraying for Lily's quick recovery.

    What a pawsome boss your human has, Lily!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the update. It sounds like Lily is totally being spoiled at work! I'm sending her lots of purrs so she continues to heal.