Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lily is home!

I brought Lily home late this afternoon. Currently she is resting on my brother's bed. Her left eye is totally dilated. I'm hoping the light won't bother her too much during the day. Her left ear looks like it is down on the side of her head more than usual. Over half of her neck has been shaved, and her pink skin looks somewhat bruised from the surgery.

I have ointment to put in her left eye to keep it moist. This has to been done every 4 to 6 hours. I'll be doing it again shortly before I go to bed. I also have a number of syringes that are filled with a pain killer for her. Thank goodness they are to be taken orally and not injected. Lily will get one of those shortly too.

I'll have to come home from work during my lunch break so I can check Lily's eye and put the ointment in it. My boss is out of the office until Friday. I may ask her if Lily can be our office cat while she needs the ointment in her eye. It will take me an hour to get home, take care of Lily, then get back to work. Technically I'm suppose to get only a 30 minute lunch. I'll have to use either vacation time or sick time (if I can) to make up that other 30 minutes.

I'm glad to have Lily home where she belongs. She was quite restless when she first got home. I'm glad that she has settled down and is resting.

Thank you all again for your prayers for my girl. I think she is going to be just fine.

Lily's meowmie, Malinda


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Lily's home, and you are a VERY good kitty assistant to be following the vet's instructions so well! Purrs to both of you.

  2. I'm so glad that Lily's surgery went well and that she is resting comfortably,the pain meds will probably help her sleep. I hope she can come to the office with you that would be great for you to keep an eye on her and to administer her ointment when needed! Please keep us posted :-)

  3. Purrs to that sweet Lily, I'm glad she is home and healing.

  4. Yay!! So happy that Lily is on the road to recovery!
    Kitty kisses to all!