Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing Frederick Jerome DeWinter

Hello everyone! It's time for you to meet my youngest brofur, Fred.

Hi all! My name is Fred and I've been living in my forever home since April 2008. Mom saw me and my adopted sisfur, Lily, at Feeders Supply. We are both white kitties and mom couldn't chose, so she adopted both of us. Although we were at Feeders Supply, we were actually adopted through the Kentucky Humane Society.

Mom was told that I was two years old, and it hadn't been too long since I had been neutered. My name then was "Crazy Cat" although I never acted crazy at all. Mom couldn't decide if my name was Fred or Jerome and I was no help at all when it came to telling her. She decided that it was Frederick Jerome DeWinter in the end, although most of the time I'm plain old Fred. Sometimes I'm "Freddie J."

I'm very friendly with the other cats and I love to snuggle with Spunky or Bandit. And I like it when the other cats wash my ears! My favorite place to sleep is on my mom's right leg when she is sitting in the recliner. She says it makes it hard to knit sometimes when I do that, but she usually finds a way to work around me.

Mom says I'm probably an average sized mancat. I weighed around 10 or 11 lbs. I'm not real talkative, but I will meow to get mom's attention. My favorite thing in the world is to have mom rub my chest and belly. I will lay on my side and curl my body around her hand and go to sleep while she is rubbing my tummy. I don't like having my claws trimmed although I will usually let mom do it. Generally I'm just not fond of having my feet touched. My paw pads and my nose are a pale pink and I have big gold eyes. I like to eat stinky goodness and dry kibble and an occasional treat. I do not like the PTU and going to the vet (although I usually do behave once I'm there).

The two pictures that I've posted were taken on my second night in my forever home.

I have some catitude going on in that picture. I'm not a big fan of the flashy box.

Anymew, it's great to meet everyone and I'm sure you'll hear from me again!

Purrs & Headbonks,


  1. Well HIYA Fred!!! You sure are a handsome ManCat!!! We love you little pick toe pads and nose!!! Your mo is a sweetie for getting BOTH of you!

  2. Howdy Fred, I sure am glad you got such a special forever home and your pictures are pawsome!

  3. Blogger is giving us grief this afternoon, so we're trying to post again....

    We're happy to meet you, Fred, and are very glad your mom adopted both you and Lily together. What a wonderful forever home you have!

  4. Nice to meet you Fred. That's Pop's name. Of course you don't like flashy box. Everyone knows that "blondes" have sensitive eyes.

  5. Hi Fred!
    So nice to meet you!
    You are sooo snowy and handsome!
    I am so happy you found a wonderful home!

  6. I just came across your blog for the first time and love it. What caught my eye is the gorgeous open mouthed kitty blog picture.