Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clarissa Report

Clarissa's x-rays were normal. No fluid or anything unusual in her abdomen or lungs. Dr. B. aspirated that lima bean sized lump that was on Clarissa's back. It is nothing to be concern about and is just a benign cyst.

She spent the night at the clinic so they could get a urine sample. Clarissa does have a UTI and will be going on an antibiotic for that. While collect the urine sample Rissa sneezed a blob of yellow gunk onto the exam table. Although her nose looked clear and her eyes are bright, now we are wondering if she has a sinus infection. Do cats get those? I'll have to ask when I pick her up this afternoon.

Dr. G., one of our regular vets, was back in the office today. She concurred with Dr. B. that with a UTI the white cell count usually isn't as high as Rissa's is. It's so puzzling because Rissa is eating and drinking. She is alert and attentive. She is grooming. Yet she has lost 3 oz. in a week and has this elevated white count.

I'm am going to be out-of-town for the next five days, so my brother and my best friend will be taking care of Rissa and making sure she gets her antibiotic once daily. If her white cell count is still elevated next week and/or she has lost more weight, we will go from there. Dr. G. is still thinking there is something going on with Rissa's pancreas. However, she said cats usually don't have an appetite if that's the issue.

I appreciate everyone's concern and good wishes for Clarissa. She is my baby girl and always will be, even though she is 10 years old.

Clarissa's "meowmie",


  1. Hi sweet calico girl, glad to hear this news, sounds like the vet has figured things out! Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and you will be better in no time :)

  2. It's good news her x-rays were normal and that the lump was nothing of concern.

    Paws and fingers crossed that the antibiotics do the trick for the UTI. I can't see why cats wouldn't get a sinus infection; they certainly can get URIs that are more than just a mere kitty cold. But it sounds like your vet is on the ball, so that's a good thing.

    Lots of continued purrs and healing Light from all of us!

  3. We are sending Rissa SUPER DUPER get well purrs and purrayers! We hope her meds work and she is on the mend ASAP!

  4. Well my sisters and I will be purring for sweet Clarissa and we will look forward to another good update.

  5. When Binga came out of the nasty kill shelter as a kitten, she had a bad URI, and ever since she has had weak sinuses - she is always the one who comes down with a cold. Paws crossed that the vets figure out whatever else is going on and that it's easily treatable!

  6. Beautiful Clarissa, we are purring and purraying very ard for you. We hope that you are feeling better very soon!!!

  7. Hi, sweetie! I hope you get purrrrrfectly well soon. *Nosetaps*

  8. We are hoping it's nothing seems like quite a few kitties have had colds this summer. Or Allergies? Felix gets those.

    48 Paws crossed and lotsa Purrs heading your way!