Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Gotcha Story: Clarissa

So far you've met Bandit and Batman. Now it's my turn to tell you about myself.

My name is Clarissa Anne, and I am a 10 year old calico who lives in Kentucky. I came to my forever home on August 27, 2000, when I was only eight weeks old. Mom went to a Human Society event hoping to come home with a dog. She came home with me instead. I was sneezing, had watery eyes, and was one sick kitten. I spent the first three weeks at my new home on an antibiotic to get me all well.

When I was still small, I would sit on top of my scratching post. Here is a picture of me at 12 weeks doing just that:

When I got a little bigger, I would get on mom's desk and hide in her monitor stand. The keyboard tray pulled out so I would crawl in there and try to play "whack-a-mole" with mom's hands when she was typing:

I've never cared for treats or catnip and I will try to bury those things if mom puts them out for the other cats. Mom said I was probably a prohibitionist kitty in another life. MOL!

I enjoy sleeping in one of the cat beds or on mom's bed. I will also sleep on the floor or on the cat tree. Here is a pic of my me sleeping on the bed with some of my siblings:

The tortie closest to me is Jazzpurr. The other tortie is Daisy. The other calico is One Eyed Fiona and of course the orange kitty is Bandit.

And here are a couple of other pictures me posing prettily on the bed and on the cat tree:

I get along with most of my brofurs and sisfurs most of the time. My favorite is my brofur, Sable. He is one year younger than me and I taught him everything he knows...except maybe how to stalk and hunt mice!

I love my meowmie and I like to snuggle and sleep in her lap sometimes. When there was just me and Sable, we both would sleep with her at night. Now her bed is too crowded with other cats. But if she lays down for a nap on the weekends I'll be right there with her.

In 2004, about a month before my grandpurr passed away, I started overgrooming my belly and legs. I would lick and chew until all of the fur was gone and sometimes I would get my skin raw. Mom took me to a dermatologist, but even now I will still lick and chew. I get a steriod shot every 8-12 weeks and that seems to help

I seem to be feeling better now and I'm and still on my antibiotic for that UTI. I'll probably have another blood work up down to check my white count and see if it's down once I'm finished with the antibiotic. Keep your paws crossed that it is.



  1. Hi Clarissa! What an adorable little sweetie you were--still are!

    Lots of purrs and healing Light to you, and we're crossing our paws that your blood work will be spot-on once your done the antibiotic!

  2. I enjoyed reading your gotcha story sweet Clarissa, and my sisters and I will be purring that you will be A-O-K really soon!!!

  3. Well Hiya Clarissa! You were such a cute little thang who has grown up to be such a beautiful lacycat! mom always LOLs at your "yelling" picture!

  4. Hi Clarissa, it's nice to hear that you are feeling better! I loved your gotcha story and the picture when you were little :-)

  5. Hi, Clari. You are such a beauty and have a great family, too. I liked your cat-tree pic.

  6. Aww, you were such a bootiful kitten, and you've grown into a BOOTIFUL ladycat! We love the photos.

  7. Clarissa, we liked your Gotcha's funny how our Humans never expect a Cat and then we show up into their lives! The picture of you as a kitten tot on your Tree is adorable.
    Purrs that your UTI clears up soon.


  8. Mice to meet you Clarissa. I hope you get well very very soon. I haven't been well either lately w/a high blood count. Healing purrz all around.