Friday, September 10, 2010

Princess Daisy Thistlechaser of Yew Dell

Yes, that is quite a title but I deserve it. I keep trying to usurp Queen Clarissa, but I haven't been able to accomplish that fete yet! But, as Ceiling Cat as my witness, one day I will be QUEEN!!!

My mom just calls me Daisy, or Daisy Mae. I'm not sure where I was born but I was living outside at this beautiful place called Yew Dell Gardens. Mom's best friend, our Aunt Jen, saw me out there and fell in love with me. The volunteers were making sure I had food and water, but they didn't know how I showed up there either. Aunt Jen wanted to take me home with her, but she had a houseful of kitties and couldn't bring another one home. So she talked mom into taking me.

One day, in June 2005, one of the volunteers caught me, put me in a cardboard carrier, and took my to the vet's office where mom was taking my brofurs and sisfurs. I was dropped off there and check over and mom picked me up later that afternoon. The vet said I was about a year old at that time and I had already be spayed. I was checked for any contagious diseases, given my vaccines, and then taken to my forever home. That was about 2 weeks after my angel brother, Colin, had moved in.

About five days after I was home, I had a huge abscess rupture on my left hip. I didn't like to be touched back there and would try to bite the hand that touched me. Of course, when the wound I had ruptured mom found out why. She nor the vet had found any signs of the wound prior to that. It was off to the emergency vet's office to have the place cleaned and to get an antibiotic. The vet shaved my fur off around the wound and it looked like I might have been bitten by a larger animal. But with the good care I got the place healed up and no one would ever know I was ever hurt.

For a long time, Jazzpurr, the other tortie, hated me. She would lay under mom's bed and growl and growl at me. I'm still not fond of the other cats in the house, but I tolerate most of them. I really don't like to share my mom with anyone.

Mom has told my Aunt Jen that I can go home with her anytime she is ready to take me. You see, whenever Mom picks me up I fuss and flail around and generally hate it! But Aunt Jen can pick me up and I just purr and purr. And mom knows how much Aunt Jen loves me and I love her. And Aunt Jen would give me a great home too! Now don't get me wrong, mom loves me too and she is good to me. And to be perfectly honest, mom doesn't know if she could really send me away even though she knows I would be happy and she could visit me any time she wanted.

Mom found a could of pictures of me. One is in the cat bed and the other is me standing on the table.

Daisy Thistlechaser

I'm sure you can see why I am a princess by just looking at me!

Princess Daisy


  1. You are a BEAUTY fer sure! We're happy that your mommy took you in and hopefully you'll all start to get along wonderfully. We bet if you let your mom hold you, you'd LOVE it! Nice to meet you!

  2. You are Royalty if I ever saw it!!!

  3. Miss Daisy, we have no doubt that you will be Queen! All Torties are Queens, in our opinion.
    It's funny how you flail with your Mom...Grayce will only let Daddy hold her, yet she sits on Mommy all the time. Go figure!
    It was very nice to learn your story and get to know you!


  4. You are very purrdy. I'm happy to meet you, Princess Daisy.

  5. My dear, every princess needs a prince... *adjusting crown* oh my tortie, let me take you away to the kitchen, where we will nom on royal vittles.

  6. If you want to be queen, you will have to go head-to-head with my tortie roommate, Binga who thinks SHE is queen, not just of all she surveys, but of absolutely everything in the universe!

  7. Well hi there, Princess Daisy! You sure are a cute tortie, but we bet you already knew that!!

  8. You're a beautiful Princess. I hope you can get along with the rest of the family.