Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing One-Eyed Fiona

My name is "One-Eyed Fiona" because I have only one eye. My shelter name was "Patches," but it didn't suit me one bit. My mom is a big fan of Lyle Lovett and he sings a song called Fiona. The chorus mentions One-Eyed Fiona and that's how I got my name. Also, the Fiona in the song sounds like a pretty feisty gal, and that describes be to a T.

Mom found me at the Warren County (KY) Shelter in Bowling Green, KY. She was bored one day and was looking at Petfinders on the computer, just browsing and not really looking to adopt another kitty. There were already four cats in her household at that time. She saw my face and said she totally fell for me. That was in February 2005.

I'm a small calico cat, and the smallest cat at my house. I weigh in at 7 pounds. But just because I'm small doesn't mean you can boss me around! My meezer brother will totally run away from me!

My calico patches are tabby striped. I kind of snort when I purr, and I snore a little when I'm sleeping. I used to be a biter when I first moved to my forever home. I even bit my mom on the cheek once. Now I play bite and mom knows when I don't want to be bothered. I love to be close to mom and now I sleep in her lap when she is in the recliner. If she is on the computer I will sleep on the back of her chair. And I like to snuggle right up next to her in bed.

My head is sort of flat on top so my nickname is "Badgerhead". It also goes along with that feisty attitude I have. I hate having my feet touched and I get ornery with anyone who tries to trim my claws. I'm good about using the scratching post and cardboard boxes though.

The shelter said I was between two or three years old when mom adopted me. That makes me either seven or eight years old now. My vet said it's possible that I'm actually a little younger. I look younger because I'm small.

Mom's best friend is afraid of me and I don't know why. I've never tried to put the bitey on her. I think mom gave me a bad reputation when I first moved it. She stills warns people that I MIGHT try to put the bitey on them!

This is the only picture mom can find of me on the computer right now:


  1. You are a real beauty and we LOVE that you're feisty! So happy your mom stumbled across you on PetFinder and that you have your furrever home!!!

  2. Nice to meet you Fiona and I think there is nothing wrong with feisty at all. That is so great that your Mom just happened to find was meant to be!

  3. Fiona, we love your catitude! That's as it should be. :-)

    It's lovely to meet you; we're glad you posted today!

  4. Well hi there, Fiona!! We think you are a pretty looking girlcat! And being fiesty just adds to your appeal!!

  5. I agree with Brian - there's nothing wrong with being feisty.

  6. You look totally feisty in that photo, Fiona, with your "Do NOT mess with me" look! I wish I knew how to do that look 'cause my human always messes with me.

  7. You goooo girlfriend!

    You are one beautiful girl and the name "Fiona" suits you perfectly!!

    I like Lyle Lovette as well!

  8. You look like someone who could be my furrend. Why don't you come visit me at I like to bite and no one can touch my feet either.