Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Mews: Clarissa

I was back in the vet's office last Thursday. Mom found a lump under my skin and she was worried about it. Right now, the vet that saw me said the lump is about the size of a lima bean, and it was probably caused from one of the injections I had couple of weeks ago. She told mom to keep an eye on it for any change in size.

My eyes had been watering and red rimmed, too. The vet wasn't particularly concerned with that, saying it was probably a mild flair up of the feline herpes virus. What did concern her was my belly/abdomen. She said it felt swollen. It didn't hurt when she pressed on me. I didn't cry or growl or his. However, when she took my temperature I certainly let her know that I did not appreciate it one bit! My temperature was normal though, so that was good.

They stole some more of my blood to send to the lab again. This time they were going to check for some infectious diseases. A different vet called back and left the results on the answering machine. Mom got them when she got home.

He said that my white cell count is still high, but not as high as it was two weeks ago. He also said the titers (sp?) showed exposure to FECV/FIP. Mom is scared now because she doesn't know if that means I have FIP. She read online that FIP is generally fatal and that has her all upset. Her eyes keep leaking.

I'm going to back to the vet on Wednesday afternoon to have my belly x-ray done to see if the vet(s) can find out what is going on there.

I'm acting like my normal self again, which makes mom happy. But her stomach is in knots. Please keep me in your purrs and prayers that I don't have FIP.

Clarissa Anne


  1. Huge purrs for you and your Mom. Shame on the vet for leaving a message like that with no firm information or diagnosis.

    We are crossing all 48 of our paws that the titer just shows the antibodies, and not the actual virus.


  2. I am with the Katnip Lounge - that was not nice of the vet for leaving a message like that! Humans are such fragile creatures and they get upset really easily. I am sending you loads of purrs, and purrs to your human because she needs them too.

  3. You've got two more voices purring for you my dear. Please be well.

  4. Count us in, there are 5 of us here sending you mega-purrs sweetie. I agree with Katnip Lounge, that was not a good message to leave, they can do better with their vet skills!

  5. Ditto the Katnip Lounge and Sparkle.

    We're sending you lots of purrs and healing Light that all will be well. Kitty kisses to you and hugs to your mom!

  6. FIP has touched my life, I am praying for you Clarissa that you will be okay!! All my kitties are purring hard too and hoping for good test results!

    If your mum wants to talk to me she can send an email to and I will tell her everything I know about FIP