Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm home from the vet's

First of all, I want to thank all of my friends for their purrs! Both mom and I really appreciate it. The vet stole my pee yesterday and guess what?! I do have a mild UTI. She sent me home with an antiblechotic (that's an antibiotic in case your 'rents don't understand). I have to take one pill each day for 10 days. Hopefully that will take care of what has been ailing me.

Mom is heading off to North Carolina today to visit one of our aunties. She's not really mom's sister, but she is close enough to mom that she might as well be. Mom will be in Durham, so that whirlycane shouldn't be a problem.

We will try to post while mom is away, but it is iffy. It may be next Wednesday before we are back.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend if you live in the USA!

Clarissa (& Co.)


  1. Continued purrs and healing Light, Clarissa, that the antibiotics clear up your UTI quickly!

    Safe travelling to your mom!

  2. We are purraying the antiblehotics help you out! UTIs are NO fun! Hurty pee's just suck <--- to put it mildly! Have a happy weekend and we hope your mom has a great time! Our grandpabean lives in Wake Forest!

  3. I am very happy to hear that they identified the you can get all better! Get some rest this holiday weekend!

  4. GAH! Pills! Well, at least you will start to feel better soon. We'll send you a TON of purrs to get well ASAP!

  5. I hope those antibiotic pills help heal your infection quickly.

  6. Poor Clarissa! I am so sorry you have an infection but the good thing is that the antibiotics should help clear it up in no time!

    I hope your Mom has a good trip!!

    Have a great weekend and please feel better! xoxo

    Cat Chat

  7. I'm happy you'll be better soon. Have a nice weekend.

  8. I'm glad your UTI is mild - it sounds like it'll go away with no problem as long as you take your medication. Purrs for the long weekend!

  9. We're going to keep purring at you till we hear you are 100%.

  10. Hi Clarissa, hopefully you will be all better by the time your mum returns!