Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here's Bandit!!!

We decided the best way to introduce ourselves to our new friends is to do in in alphabetical order. So today it is Bandit's day!

Hi gang. Bandit here to tell you all about myself. I was adopted from a shelter located in Frankfort, KY, although I was being housed at a PetSmart in Louisville. That was in 2005 or 2006. Mom gets confused some time about when some of us joined the family.

I'm an orange and white boy and was 8 months old when I was adopted. I was already named Bandit. Mom like my name so she didn't change it. I lost my left eye to an infection as a baby kitten and the tip of my right ear is missing. Mom suspects I may have been rescued from a feral colony.

My nicknames are Bandito and Bandit Bigtoes. I'm not a lap cat, but I love attention when I'm laying on mom's bed or on top of the cat tree. I'll roll all over and show mom my soft white belly fur. I'm a big boy and weigh about 13 lbs.

I like to wrestle with Memphis and I'll groom Jazzpurr (you'll meet them later). I'm shy around strangers and will keep my distance. I like catnip and treats. I eat Nine Lives Plus most of the time, but I also like stinky goodness as a special treat. I've recently started sleeping in mom's bed at night. She was very surprised when I started doing that.

Here is my picture:

That's about all I can say about myself for now!

Purrs to all!


  1. Nice to meet you, Bandit! You are a very handsome big guy!

  2. Hi Bandit! You are a handsome BIG ManCat. We're glad you've started sleeping with your Mom...nothing is better than a scritch in the middle of the night without having to get up!

    Kissies on your red moustache!

  3. AWWW!! Bandit, you have the Rumblemum SQUEEING! You're so cute and orange!!

  4. Nice to meet you Bandit, you are a handsome dude! Hey, 4 outta 5 of us here were rescued via Petsmart too!

  5. Hi Bandit it's nice to meet you! I think you are a very handsome mancat :-)

  6. Hi Bandit, it's great to meet you! We're glad your mom adopted you, that you have such a wonderful forever home. :-)

  7. Well, Howdy~Do, handsome Bandit! You sure are a B~I~G guy! We thinks you have big toes too! We're happy to hear you have started to sleep with your mom. You get extra scritchies in the middle of the night (and sometimes the beans don't even know they're doing it!)

  8. Happy to meet you Bandit. I hope to see more you in the coming months. You're one cool mancat!