Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Clarissa Report

I'm sorry my blog hasn't been updated for awhile. Mom has been off going to horror movie conventions, steampunk conventions, and Alice Cooper concerts. We are going to try to keep her home with us for awhile.

That's me sleeping in the closet after my first vet visit. You can see that I don't feel good.

All of the furblings are well. I was very sick a couple of weeks ago. I got real puny feeling and started hiding in the back of the closet. I didn't want snuggles or pets or anything. I would come out and eat a little and drink a little, but then I would go back to the closet. When mom took me to the vet, I had a 105 fever! I was given sub-fluids and an antibiotic shot. I felt better that night, but by the next night was starting to act like I still wasn't feeling well.

Mom took me back to the vet that Friday (my first visit was on a Monday). I still had 103 fever. More fluids and three different vitamin shots! OUCH!!! But I'm all well now and feeling like my regular self.

I'll try to get mom to help us post more often!!!

Clarissa Ann


  1. Hi there, Clarissa Ann, we're glad you are feeling better! Sheesh, your Mom is way too busy...however our Mommy says it sounds like she was having a lot of fun!

  2. Waitasec... do we have the same mummy? Rumblemum loves most of those things too!

    Hope you're feeling ok my friend, that doesn't sound good! Do they know what was wrong?

  3. The vet stole my blood and said my white cell count was quite high. And something else that showed up was an indicator of pancreatitis. The vet said IF I had an attack of pancreatitis, that would cause my white cell count to go up. But the vet never did really know what caused my fever to begin with.