Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Peaceful Sunday

Fiona is sitting on the corner of the desk, giving mom the evil eye. And since she has only one eye she has that look down pat. Clarissa has taken Fiona's spot on the back of mom's chair. It's a "first come first served" chair. Fiona was there first, but she got down to snack or potty or patrol the house. While she was gone Rissa took the spot. I believe Fiona thinks that mom should move Rissa but it's not going to happen.

We've had the house to ourselves most of the day. Mom went to a marathon scrapbook session that started at 1:00pm and was over at 8:00pm, and our uncle went to the state fair. Mom will have to pick him up when he calls. She's hoping it's soon.

We hope everyone has had a great weekend. We got to do our three favorites things: sleep, eat, and snuggle with mom.

Sable the Punk


  1. Eat, sleep and snuggle. Ypu, that's all the bases covered!

    May Ling wants to say that YES!, she's certainly at least part tortie Siamese...we call her the "Tortameez" around here.

  2. Fiona, you sure are pretty. We also love to eat, sleep and snuggle and go out and chase things too. Good to meet all of you. We came over from Rumbles and will be back. Have a great week.

  3. Hi kitties. Rumbles and Inigo said you would like some visitors so here I am! It's nice to meet you all.

  4. Hi! Inigo and Rumbles sent us over. It's nice to meet all of you! We can't wait to get to know you all better!

  5. Hiya, furiends!! We read about you over at Inigo Flufflebum. So great to meet you all!

  6. Well, hiya effuryone! We heard about your blog from Inigo and Rumbles and wanted to come and visit and let you know we are now followers of you guys! Hope you can stop by ours sometime!

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew
    aka...Skeeter, King, Pandora, and Cricket (Oh too)

  7. Hmmm it appears that blogger is being temperamental by not letting me post a comment. Let me try again!
    I was sent here by your new "boyfriend" Inigo...nice to meet you Clarissa!
    Is that you with your mouth open in the picture? We women can get all "catty" sometimes and don't know when to close our mouths! MOL!
    I signed up to follow your blog and hope you will do the same, my blog is Cat Chat
    So very nice to meet you!

  8. Hi everyone! We've come over from Rumbles and Ingio's blog to meet you all. We're three adoptees who live with our human, in southeastern Ontario, Canada. :-)

    -Annie, Nicki and Derry

  9. Hello everyone, we heard about you from Inigo and Rumbles too! Oh yea, eat, sleep, snuggle and repeat as necessary!

  10. Hi Miss Clarissa! We're very happy to meet you - we came over from Inigo and Rumbles too (in case you are wondering).

    Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha (the Mishkat cats)

  11. Hello! I'm Piru, the first and only blogger cat from Puerto Rico. Inigo Flufflebum was talking about you in his blog, so I decided to visit. And know what? I like it! So I'll continue visiting you and I hope you can visit mine, too.

  12. Inigo told us about you so we came over to say hello.

  13. Clarissa! That's a great crabilated photo of you at the right. I'm pretty cranky myself so it's nice to meet a fellow complainer!

  14. Hi there, Rumbles and Inigo sent us over to say hello :-) We're following you now and look forward to reading all your adventures!