Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tortie Tuesday with Jazzpurr

Hi all! I'm Jazzpurr (aka Jazzy) and Clarissa said I could share a picture of myself today!

See my white whiskers? Would you believe they used to be black?! It's true. We aren't exactly sure how old I am. Mom adopted me in October 2004 and she was told I was five years old. That would mean I'll be 13 years old this year! I guess that makes me a senior kitty and a year older than Clarissa!  I'm a bit of a plumpkin, and sometimes I have a hard time grooming my back. Mom will have to trim the mats out of my fur every now and then.  My mom teases me and tells me she is going to take me outside on Groundhog Day! She said if I see my shadow we will have six more weeks of winter!  But I know she loves me and would never take me outside unless I was in my PTU (Pet Transport Unit).

Have a great day! I'll visit again sometimes!


  1. Hi Jazzpurr!

    We like your whiskers and we think "plumpkin" is kind of cute, actually.

    You know, you could probably predict Spring's arrival more accurately than the groundhogs do. Here in Ontario, for the past several years it's been the *opposite* of whatever the groundhog "predicted." LOL.

  2. Darling girl, you look purrfect to us. Xxxooo come back again sweet girl.

  3. Plumpkin??? We think you look purrfect!

  4. We all think you're beautiful, Jazzmine. Plumpkin makes us think of something delicious and you are!

  5. Hi Jazzy! My tortie roommate Binga is a year younger than you and she recently sprouted one white whisker - it just seemed to pop up overnight!