Monday, July 30, 2012

Mancat Monday with Bandit

Good Monday Morning, kitties!!! I'm here to tell you about our noisy Saturday.  It wasn't fun for us kitties at all. You see, Mom finally had the new roof put on the house! The workers showed up at 7:30am and by 8:00am there was way too much noise. They took off all of the old shingles and tar paper, then they started putting on the new stuff.  We cats all found places to sleep and ignored the noisy men as much as we could. All of the hammering did make Clarissa nervous. She kept pacing around the house and pawing at mom to make the noise stop.

On a much happier note, we have found a new place to yak up our dry kibble and hair balls!!! It just happens to be on mom's bed!!! We love to hear her joyous remarks when she finds our presents. Yesterday, one fur left his or her mark on mom's pillow. She had to throw the pillow in to the washer to clean it. The good news is the pillow cleaned up just fine. The bad news is it took three 90 minute cycles in the dryer to get it dried!!!

Also, mom had a sleep study done on July 22. She finally got the results back this morning. It wasn't good kitties. Mom officially has Obstructive Sleep Apnea. She had 50 episodes per hour where she stopped breathing!!! That good definitely explain why she is tired so much of the time. The person she spoke with this morning wanted to scheduled another session so mom could be monitored with a CPAP machine. If she sleeps well with that, then they will prescribe it for her. Mom says it's always something!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Wow, there's a lot going on at your end.

    All the banging from the new roof installation would have been very upsetting, we imagine, so we're glad it's done.

    And hey, well done re: the yakking! On your mom's bed and pillow--impressive.

    RE: your mom's sleep apnea -- we hope that the CPAP machine does help her, and that she can have restful nights again, once this is sorted out.

    Purrs to her from us!

  2. I hate to say it, kitties, but a CPAP machine will probably be a better sleep aid than the presents you left on her bed. I know you were only trying to help...

  3. Gosh we are sorry to hear about your Mom's Sleep apnea. We sure hope the machine helps her. It will probably make her feel so much better.
    We were wondering if you could send us your email address so we can contact you after the auction. Our email is
    Thanks so much.

  4. Mom has to go Friday for the same thing and she knows they will make her come back again for the same reason. I don't want her gone. Tell momma if you kitties are scared of the mask, OK?

  5. Ha! Ha! My fav spot to yak is the bed in the second room...or....under the clothes line inside. Yup - fav spot!

    Sounds like there's a lot of noise and stuff going on your side though...I hope this weekend is a tad more quiet for you!