Friday, July 27, 2012

Clarissa Explains Our Mom's Obession with Alice Cooper

Spitty-the-Kitty left the following comment regarding mom's meeting with Alice Cooper: No waaaaay!! Is he like her best friend or sumfing???? How did that happen????? We needz a story!  Please let me explain mom's obsession with Mr. Cooper.

Our mom listened to Alice Cooper when she was a teenager in the 1970s. That was way before we were even born, kitties!!! She never saw him in concert until 2002. Mom's friend had gotten them first row seats for the show, and mom said as soon as Alice appeared on stage she was hooked. All he had to do was reel her in.  Her second Alice Cooper concert was in July 2003. She and two friends drove to Toledo, OH to see him. One of her friends knew one of the guitarists in the band at the time. Mom and her friends ended up hanging out with the bass player (Chuck Garric), two guitarists (Ryan Roxie and Eric Dover), the drummer (Eric Singer) and Alice's daughter, Calico (she danced in the show). It was also mom's 43rd birthday and she swears it was one of her best birthdays ever!!!

Time marched on, as it is wont to do, and mom has gone to as many Alice Cooper shows as she possible could. She has seen him approximately 55 times since 2002. She went to a charity golf tournament that he played in. She has met him "officially" at concert meet and greets four or five times now. But she has run into him at various hotels on concert road trips. Mom said Alice is one of the nicest people you would ever meet.

The picture we posted of her on Wednesday was taken in Peoria, IL last Friday night. She and her friend had front row seats for the concert. Mom actually paid extra for the VIP Platinum Package. That includes the meet and greet with Alice, the photo op, and a tote bag filled with goodies (a t-shirt, poster, copy of the set list). Mom also took her Alice Cooper bobble-head and Alice signed it and the box it came in.  The meet and greet package isn't cheap, but the money goes to Solid Rock Foundation, the charity started by Alice and another fellow.

In 2006, mom saw Alice in concert 12 times!!! She saw 9 of those shows over a 12 day period when he was touring the mid-west. She started in Louisville where he opened for the Rolling Stones. From there she drove (by herself!) to Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO, Joliet, IL, Springfield, IL, Evansville, IN, Pikeville, KY, Cleveland, OH, and finished in Kalamazoo, MI. By the time mom took this trip, the band knew her. Chuck made arrangements for mom to have a guest pass at each show (except for the Rolling Stones - security was tight for that show!).  Mom also saw him in Anaheim, CA when she flew to Los Angeles to visit friends.

Mom has seen three shows this year, and we know she will go to Phoenix, AZ in December for his charity variety show.

So now you know something about our mom and her favorite obsession (besides us kitties!)

Aug. 20, 2005 - Cincinnati, OH

Oct. 10, 2006 - Kalamazoo, MI (hotel lobby)

Oct. 29, 2009 - Las Vegas, NV

May 18, 2010 - Knoxville, TN

Alice signed mom's shoulder. She did not get his autograph tattooed.


  1. I love him too. My mommy wrote that. She's ancient and crumbly and I am a girl. So I not know him. xoxox

  2. Wow! We don't even know what to say, but Alice is lucky to have such a devoted fan!

  3. My human says your human does not need a reason to be obsessed with Alice Cooper! There is something wrong with humans who are NOT into him, she thinks.

  4. Thanks for visiting my bloggie. So, since your Mom is a rocker chick - are you a rocker kitty?