Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vet visits for Clarissa & Panda today!

Me (Clarissa) and Panda went to the v*t this morning. Mom is behind on some of our vaccines. Panda had to get her rabies vaccine and that other one that covers a bunch of stuff. It's a good thing she went today too! The vet noticed that Panda's right eye was inflamed. Looks like she may have conjunctivitis now. Mom has to put a drop of medicine in her eye 3x daily. The v*t did the first dose. Mom just did the 2nd one a little while ago...and now Panda is hiding. She is afraid this may be an issue. Please purr that it isn't. Panda weighs 16 lbs and is very very strong. Please purr that she will cooperate!

I had to have my ears cleaned. They were so DIRTY!!!! I get that yeasty build-up that has something to do with allergies. I also got my Depomedrol injection so I'll stop chewing on my belly and making it raw.

We both got claw trims too! Panda was so good and didn't complain one bit - except on the ride to and from the office while she was in the carrier. I was quiet in the carrier but I complained loudly at the office! I growled and hissed at the vet a lot!

Clarissa & Panda


  1. Panda sounds like Binga - powerfully built and willful - only even bigger! But my human can do anything with her, even if she does not like it, because she is very matter of fact about it, and when she does something involving medication, she does it as if there is no question that it has to be done. Because there IS no question about it!

  2. Oh, the dreaded v-e-t! Annie, especially, knows all about that, since she's been so many times lately.

    We're sending lots of purrs that your mom can give Panda her eye meds without too much problem. Our mom sits on us...Kneels on the floor with us between her legs and sits back (gently), making sure we're secured between her legs, with just enough weight on us to hold us. That leaves both hands free to wrestle with us. Not easy, even then!

  3. ooooh, we hatehatehate's too bad fur us cuz Daddy cat-wrangles and Mommy administers. We don't get away with NUFFIN'.

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  5. Ears cleaned, claws trimmed - forget it. FAZ

  6. I hope Panda's eye gets better soon and that the drops won't be a problem. Oh well, the vet is probably used to some hissing now and again!!!

  7. Oh golly, be a good girl about those drops and it will be over sooner.

    Both of you are heros for going and singing to mama allll the way there and back and giving the v-e-t a piece of your mind too!!!

  8. Hi Clarissa! It sounds like it was good timing for your vet visits! Tell your mom that the kitty burrito might help protect her from Panda fighting her on the eye drops. We have a lot of eye meds at our house, though it is usually ointment. Mom finds if she kind of comes from the back (we are sitting in her lap facing forward) and tilts our heads back that works well - she could try that too - but if not then kitty burrito is the way to go. Kirzon is very fighty and that is the only thing that works with him (and that isn't even always the case - he just spits stuff out later half the time).