Friday, February 11, 2011

Last but not Least: Introducing Spunky

You have met Bandit, Batman, Clarissa, Daisy, Fiona, Fred, Ginger, Jazzpurr, Lily, Memphis, Panda, Puff, Sable, and Serendipity. Now you get to meet me: SPUNKY!

My name is Spunky, I'm 7 years old, and my biological sisters are Ginger and Panda. Mom said before that she thinks Puff may be a half-brother to us. My original home was in Cleveland and I've been in my forever home since June 2007. I'm a big boy and weigh in somewhere between 17 and 18 lbs. My first human mom said I'm not too bright, but I'm full of love. I'm not sure what she meant by the "not to bright" part, but I love to love on mom.

My sister, Ginger, and I are very close. When our new mom said she could take two of the five of us that needed to be re-homed, she was only going to take Ginger and me. We can't be separated. Of course, mom being a big softie and all, she ended up bringing all five of us home with her. She also brought a little whipper snapper kitten that was only 7 weeks old with her. That little girl was going to a new home with someone else and mom was only the transport.

Here is a picture of Ginger and me under the Christmas tree. That's Ginger licking my head:

My other sister, Panda, and I don't get along at all. She hates me. Of course, Panda hates almost every fur so I try not to take it purrsonally. Mom says I know how to push Panda's buttons. I think that means I tease her because I know she hates it! Isn't that what brothers are suppose to do?

If I'm not cuddling with Ginger, I'll sleep on the cat tree or mom's bed. When mom goes to bed at night, I'll come in for some scritches and love. My new habit is to give her sandpaper kisses on her cheek when she is trying to go to sleep. She wasn't to happy about me licking her eyelid though!

Here I am on the cat tree:

And here I am snuggling with Batman:

I'm not quite a true "cow cat". Although my patches are almost black, my tail and nose definitely show the tabby stripes. Panda is the only true "cow cat" in the family.

So now you've met all of us! Mom said she isn't adding any more to the family. She has her hands full with 15 kitties.

Purrs and Headbonks!


  1. Hi Spunky! Glad to meetcha, AND your sisfur Serendipidy, too! Our Mommy says she has a couple of Prince NotSoBrights...we're just happy to have Royalty in the family.
    heh heh.

  2. The Mom surely loves all of you and you're such a beautiful family and I bet the house is full of purrs, a sweet sound. We love your spots.
    xxxxx Kassey and her Mom

  3. sooo adorable and I just love your name "Spunky!!"


  4. Well hello my friend! You're ever so handsome and I love the photo of you on your cat tower!

  5. My human has no idea how your human can cope with 15 kitties! There are only three of us here, and she has a hard time keeping up with us!

  6. So great to meet you! You're such a cutie patootie!

  7. You precious boy! I love you to bits! I wish you were mine. Be my Valentine?