Friday, February 4, 2011

Sable The Punk, House Panther Extraordanaire

It's about time I was allowed to introduce myself to everyone! My name is Sable the Punk, but I'm really just a big momma's boy! I came to my forever home in October 2001. I was a little squirt, only eight weeks old, when mom brought me home. I was the last kitten left from a litter that some little girls were trying to find homes for. Mom already had Clarissa, who just a little over a year old. She really wasn't looking for another kitten, but there I was.

Here I am at 9 weeks old:

The little girls said my name was "Punk" but mom didn't like it. She said she was afraid I would live up to the name. She debated between the names "Kohl" and "Sable". She finally decided on Sable for me. Most of the time she calls me Boo Kitty.

Mom says I drove Clarissa crazy by always wanting to be with her. I missed my catmom and I guess Clarissa was the next best thing. Clarissa was a great substitute mom. She even taught me how to catch those big cave crickets when they get in the house.

Here is me and Clarissa laying in front of the t.v. cabinet. There is an air vent that blows warm air there:

When I was younger I never wanted to be held or cuddled, but I've mellowed out with age. I love to sleep on mom's left when she is in the recliner. Fred will sleep on her right. That's when mom calls me "Basement Cat" and Fred "Ceiling Cat". I guess that's because I am black and Fred is white.

I'm long and lean, and I used to be a great mouser! I caught at least four of them when they got in our house a long time ago. Once mom figured out how they were getting in and closed up the hole she ruined my fun!

I get along with my furblings except for Batman. I don't like him and I will hiss and run away from him. Mom doesn't understand why and I'm not telling!

I've had a number of UTI's in the past, and I have even peed on mom when she was in bed to let her know I wasn't feeling well. As long as I stay on the special food I don't have any problems now.

I'm Capt. McPufferson's First Mate on his airship, The Feline Fantasy. I like to help with the rigging and climb the ropes.

I'll be 9 years old this fall. Here I am all grown up:

It's been a pleasure meeting everyone. I hope you have a great weekend!

Sable the Punk


  1. Hi Sable, it's nice to meet you!! I'm glad your mum changed your name, a beautiful panther like yourself deserves a great Sable :-)

  2. Handsome Sable, it's terrific to meet you! We can see why your mom couldn't resist you -- all that kitten cuteness!

  3. Sable you are a wonderful kitty! I loved the part about how Clarissa acted like a Mom to you! :)

  4. Sie Sable, we are happy to meet you! Mommy loves Black kitties! She says she'd love to give you a kissy on the nape of your neck--if you'de let her!