Friday, February 18, 2011


Mom talked to Fiona's vet, Dr. Dickey, around noon today. Fiona has been restless after being on the appetite stimulant since Tuesday. The vet said that since it is actually an antihistamine it usually makes animals sleepy. However, she said it's not unusual for it to react just the opposite with kitties.

Fiona was getting 1/2 pill twice daily. Now she is going to get 1/2 pill once daily. Of course, once she starts eating regularly she will go off of the appetite stimulant.

We all appreciate your purrs and prayers. It means a lot to us.

Clarissa & Co. and their meowmie, too


  1. Naturally us kitties can be contrary! Whatever something is supposed to do, we make sure it does the opposite!

    Fiona, you eat and get all better, soon.

  2. My cat's appetite stimulant was a human antidepressant the Vet said. She got half a pill every 3 days. It made her sleepy though and vocal :-)Fiona! You be good and eat. Sending love and purrs from me and her.

  3. My sisters and I are all sending purrs to you sweet Fiona!!!

  4. Thank you for the update! We will fur surely keep purring for Miss Fiona!