Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

We decided to share another one of mom's tattoos this morning. But this one might need a little explaining. You know since mom loves us kittens (albeit BIG KITTENS now) and she loves Alice Cooper, most people online know her as "Coopkitten". Mom said this is what her alter-ego looks like:

She is wearing Alice Cooper's top hat and holding his crop. This tat is on mom's left shoulder. The work was done by a fellow named Adam who works at Acme Ink in Louisville, KY. Mom had this one done in the spring of 2008. Adam took the picture when he was finished. You can see the redness surrounding the tattoo and some of the blue/purple transfer ink on her back.

Clarissa & Co.


Panda has been getting her eye drops at least twice a day. The hardest part of the procedure is just getting her. Panda has caught on, so when she sees mom enter the bedroom she jumps down from her feather pillow bed and runs under the bed! Mom tricked her twice yesterday by catching her in the bathroom. Now she's caught on to that! But the good news is her eye is looking much better!


  1. I, as the Admiral's mommy know what that tricking and trapping is like. It make me feel like ten kinds of traitor when I trick her especially but when she needs meds or HAS to go to the Vet, all bets are off..even though she runs from me for a while afterward. makes me sad.

  2. Oh, and all mommy has is a tiny tiny thumbnail sized rose on her shoulder blade.

  3. Hmph. My human's one tattoo does not have anything to do with kitties, and she has a few ideas for more... none of which are kitties! Let's see if I ever decide to have a tattoo of a human any time...

  4. Wow! That's pretty cool!!

    Aw, poor Panda...we hope her eye gets better so she doesn't hafta hide anymore!!

  5. That is a very nice tatoo! I'm sending lots of Panda purrs...I'm happy those drops seem to help.

  6. That's a pretty nice tattoo. My Human is such a wuss, she gets all fainty at even the thought of it! She never even got her ears pierced because she was too scared it would hurt, MOL!