Thursday, May 10, 2007

We want to file a complaint!

Our mom likes the band called the Stray Cats. She also really likes their song "Stray Cat Strut." We actually have two complaints:

Complaint #1:
The Stray Cats aren't cats at all! They are 3 humanbeans. The aren't even trying to look like cats! We think they should change their name to The Stray Humans.
Complaint #2:
The song "Stray Cat Strut" is about a tomcat (not to be confused with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who were also known as "TomKat"). But the first line of the song is "Black and orange stray cat sitting on the fence," which leads us to believe that it's a girl kitty, a tortie to be exact. We think the words should be changed to "black and white stray cat" or "black and grey tabby cat". You get the idea.
Mom said we have too much time on our paws to be thinking about this.
Clarissa & Co.

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