Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning Mews

Mom got to visit with Aunt Sniffy again on Friday night. And Dusty's purrents made it in from Tennessee! Mom said it was really great getting to see them again too.

My sisfurs, Jazzpurr and Serendipity, and me had appointments to see the vettie on Saturday morning. Seren and Jazz have both gained a pound over the past year. And Jazz weighs over 12 lbs. The vettie said she needs to lose a little weight. She looks like a ground hog when she sits up on her haunches. Otherwise she is fine. And Seren got a good report too.

We all got claw trims and I had to get my ears cleaned. The vettie said my yeasty stuff wasn't as bad as mom thought it was. Not much of it was down deep inside. But mom said it was the nastiest stuff she's seen. And the vettie said, "You could grow potatos in your ears!" Anymew, mom has some drops or ointment to put in my ears now. It's a chronic problem with me. *sigh* Oh - and I had to hiss and growl (mostly hiss!) at the vettie!