Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Me (Clarissa), Bandit, and Serendipity love to get brushies from mom. We have our own brush that has long wire bristles with little plastic tips on the end that mom uses to brush us. For one thing it feels soooo good. We all just purr and purr when we get brushed. And the other thing we like is it gets rid of a lot of loose fur so we don't get hairballs after grooming.

Jazzpurr seems to enjoy being brushed only if mom sneaks up on her and starts to brush her. She doesn't actively seek it out like we do. Memphis doesn't seem to care for it much, but his fur is extremely short. Sable can take it or leave it. And mom had never brushed Fiona or Daisy...until last night.

She has a small rubber brush on the end table next to her chair. Daisy jumped in her lap last night for some mom love and mom decided to try to brush her. Much to mom's surprise, Daisy really seemed to like it. Mom also got gobs and gobs of loose fur from her too. After she left Sable jumped up into the chair. He let mom give him a good brushing too. And then Fiona came up for a visit. She just purred and purred when mom started brushing her back. Her fur is short and kind of coarse in texture. She closed her good eye and looked so very contented and then she turned her head a playful chomped on mom's hand. Mom stopped brushing her then. She was afraid that Fiona might get over-stimulated and really let her have it.

That last one to get brushies was Serendipity. She layed down in mom's lap and probably would let mom brush her all night long.

I didn't get brushies last night. But I did get them this morning while mom was putting her face on. Life is good....

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