Thursday, May 17, 2007

Aunt Sniffy is here!

So Aunt Sniffy isn't her real name and she's not really related to us at all. She is from northern Ohio and mom knows her from the Meowmail board. Aunt Sniffy was meowmie to Rudy and PD. Both have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. However, she still posts on the board and everyone loves her. She is in town for the National Alpaca Show doing some type of promotions. Mom had dinner with her last night, and some of Aunt Sniffy's co-workers. It was a nice evening and mom thought everyone enjoyed their dinner at Ramsi's. She took Aunt Sniffy and kitty Dusty's purrents there last year. Aunt Sniffy liked it so much she wanted to go back. They didn't do anything else after dinner. Aunt Sniffy and Julie were really tired from a busy day so mom dropped them off at their hotel after dinner.

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