Thursday, May 24, 2007

New family members?

We are just totally hissed off at this woman who we don't even know! Aunt Sniffy is trying to find a home (or homes) for five adult kitties. Someone she knows is moving and is not taking her five cats with her. Now if she was moving into a retirement home where she couldn't have them, or some circumstance like that, we would be much more understanding. However, she is moving in with her boyfriend and he said she could not bring her cats with her. Mom is furious (so is Aunt Sniffy). This woman says she loves her cats. How can you love your cats and then give them up just to move in with your boyfriend? People like that frighten me. They seem like the same type who would choose a man (or woman) over their kids.

Four of the kitties are littermates. They are three years old. There are 2 males (Batman - he's black, and Spunky - he's black/white) and 2 females (Ginger - she's brown/white, and Panda - she's black/white). The fifth cat is a gray floofy boy named Puff.

Anymew, mom told Aunt Sniffy that she would take in two of them. That would mean 10 cats in our house! But she added that if she couldn't find a home for the others she would take them in too. No, mom, no!!! That's 13 cats! *shaking our furry heads!*

The two we are for sure getting are Ginger and Spunky. Aunt Sniffy said this woman said those two are bonded and need to be together. Aunt Sniffy said she would try to get pictures of all of them.

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