Thursday, February 13, 2014

So Happy It's Thursday

We are happy it's Thursday because that is one day closer to the weekend and more snuggle time with mom! But in the meantime, we have sun puddles to lay in.  There is a heat wave here with the high temperature predicted to be 36 degrees. The snow is slowly melting and we can see the pieces of the ground that were beneath it.

Our sisfur, Jazzpurr, had an embarrassing mishap last night. She jumped onto the seat of the breakfast bar stool, the tried to jump onto the breakfast bar to get to Fred's special prescription food. We don't know if she misjudged the leap, or if her front feet slid on some mail. She scrabbled but couldn't get her footing and she made a rather ungraceful fall to the floor. Of course Jazzpurr ran off to hide her shame from us.  She soon reappeared no worse for wear, but she didn't try that stunt again.

We hope that our friends who live in the areas hit by this horrible winter storm are safe. We've seen reports on the news and it looks scary. And as mom says, she'll take snow over ice anytime, and this looks like they got both. We have four "aunties" (good friends of mom's) who live in North Carolina. Everyone has checked in so we know they and their furs are alright!

One of our aunty's home in Cary, NC

We may get a tiny bit of snow tomorrow, an 1" or so, and then it is suppose to warm up. We are very much ready for spring and window whiffies!

Clarissa & Co.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tabby Tuesday with Johnny Dixon & Cash Dixon

Happy Tabby Tuesday! In case you didn't notice, we now have a last name. It's mom's fault. We may have mentioned yesterday that mom loves the t.v. show, The Walking Dead. And she loves Daryl Dixon (and his deceased brother Merle). She also thinks we all need full names. So we are now the feline Dixon Brothers. You know, we could care less about having a full name. But if it makes mom happy then so be it.

So on to the shenanigans. When Mom got up yesterday morning we were waiting in the kitchen to greet her. This is what she saw:
Yes, we are on the kitchen counter. That's me, Johnny, in the front. My brother, Cash, is sitting behind me. We look like we were waiting for breakfast, but that wasn't the case. Our food bowls were full of noms. We were actually plotting to take over the world, or at least our house.

What do you think of that old telephone on the wall? It was an old fashioned land line until last Wednesday. Now our phone goes through the cable company so this phone no longer works. Mom told our uncle to make sure he keeps his cell phone charged. Now if the power goes out mom and uncle will have to rely on there cells phones for calls.

It's colder than a well digger's.....well, it's just plain cold here this morning. We are going to snuggle down somewhere warm.

Have a great day!

Johnny & Cash

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's This and That

Another week begins and it is still cold, kitties! We had just a dusting of snow last night. Snow doesn't bother us one way of another. If there is enough of it, it means mom gets to stay home with us instead of going to work. That wasn't the case today. Mom likes snow, but she said she is so over it now. She found this picture online (she doesn't have a credit for it but it is not her picture) and she said this is exactly how she feels:

Cash is feeling much better. He did a lot of snuggling with mom over the weekend. Now Johnny is sneezing. Spunky has also been sneezing a bit. We are hoping that this doesn't go through the entire house. With 15 kitties that would be a lot of sneezing!!!

Mom was glad to see her favorite t.v. show (The Walking Dead) return last night after the mid-season break. We don't get what the big deal is. But as long as it means we get to cuddle with mom while she watches the show we are good with it.

Not much else to tell you about today. We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are ready for this week!

Clarissa & Co.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

White Wednesday

It's White Wednesday with our sister, Lillian Rose DeWinter, Lily Rose was adopted by mom in April 2008. She spotted her at Feeder's Supply, where the Kentucky Humane Society has adoptable animals. She fell in love with her (and Fred).

For those who don't know about Lily Rose, she is about 12 years old now. Lily has one blue eye and one gold eye, and she is claw less. Whoever had her before us had all four of her feet declawed. Her backstory is she was found outside, hiding on someone's front porch. That person turned her in.

Lily has had some health issues in the past, regarding her left ear. That is the side with the blue eye, too. She developed an abscess that would swell on the left side of her neck. It would eventually drain out of her left ear. The last time it happened our vet kept her for x-rays and put a drain tube in the area. The x-rays showed deformed bones in her ear. Bacteria would get behind those bones and then cause an infection. Lily had surgery to remove those bones and her ear was stitched closed.  One of the risks of surgery was possible nerve damage to that side of her face. Lily is unable to close her left eye all the way, and the pupil is dilated. Luckily it did not effect that side of her mouth and she can eat normally.

Mom says Lily is a diva and we believe it. She loves people, but she doesn't like the rest of us too much. She tolerates most of us, but she does not like Johnny or Cash at all.

Here she is showing off her beautiful belly and her back feet toe curls! Don't touch that belly though! She is an evil temptress!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tabby Tuesday

Good morning kitties!  It's Tabby Tuesday and we have new pictures of Johnny and Cash!

Johnny decided he would rather stay in the corner instead of laying in the magnificent sun puddles that graced our family room yesterday.

Cash had the right idea and he stretched out in the sun. Mom said he is one of the longest cats she has ever seen!

Do you see that laundry basket in the corner? It is full of plastic bags from the grocery and it has a pad on top of it. It is one of our prime napping places!

Cash has a kitty cold. He started sneezing on Sunday and last night he started coughing. Mom dropped him off at the vet to be checked out. She just spoke with our vet a bit ago and he said Cash ate a nice breakfast and isn't lethargic. He told mom to keep an eye on him and bring him back in if anything changes. That's a relief for all of us!

Have a great day friends!

Clarissa & Co.

Monday, February 3, 2014

More Snow and an Update on Fiona

This is what we woke up to this morning kitties:  5" of fresh snow!  Mom got up at 6:30am and found out that the university (where she works) canceled classes and closed offices for the day...again. She'll get paid for the day since it was the university's decision to close. This is what our backyard looked like:

Fiona had a follow-up visit with the ophthalmologist at 9:15am. Mom was a bit concerned when she left the house, but the main roads and interstates were fine. She said the side roads and ramps were iffy though. Anymew, Fiona received a very good report from the doctor. Her eye looks so much better! The redness is gone, but she still needs eye drops. The doctor did change the dosage on the two she has been getting and she added one new eye drop.

Fiona will now get 1 drop of Dexamethasone solution once daily, 1 drop of Tacrolimus 0.02% solution twice daily, and 1 drop of Idoxuridine 0.1% solution twice daily.  She is also to get 500mg Lysine twice daily.  She is to see the doctor again in May. Of course, if there is a problem mom will take her in before then.

The diagnosis is suspect feline herpes virus in the right eye and keratitits in the right eye.

And last of all, Katie Isabella gave us this wonderful award:

We are suppose to pass this award on to another kitty, so we are going to pass it on to:

Brulee and Truffle at Sweet Purrfections

Angel Prancer Pie, Princess, and Princeton at Prancer Pie

and the crew at The Katnip Lounge

We hope everyfur had a great day!

Clarissa & Co.