Thursday, February 13, 2014

So Happy It's Thursday

We are happy it's Thursday because that is one day closer to the weekend and more snuggle time with mom! But in the meantime, we have sun puddles to lay in.  There is a heat wave here with the high temperature predicted to be 36 degrees. The snow is slowly melting and we can see the pieces of the ground that were beneath it.

Our sisfur, Jazzpurr, had an embarrassing mishap last night. She jumped onto the seat of the breakfast bar stool, the tried to jump onto the breakfast bar to get to Fred's special prescription food. We don't know if she misjudged the leap, or if her front feet slid on some mail. She scrabbled but couldn't get her footing and she made a rather ungraceful fall to the floor. Of course Jazzpurr ran off to hide her shame from us.  She soon reappeared no worse for wear, but she didn't try that stunt again.

We hope that our friends who live in the areas hit by this horrible winter storm are safe. We've seen reports on the news and it looks scary. And as mom says, she'll take snow over ice anytime, and this looks like they got both. We have four "aunties" (good friends of mom's) who live in North Carolina. Everyone has checked in so we know they and their furs are alright!

One of our aunty's home in Cary, NC

We may get a tiny bit of snow tomorrow, an 1" or so, and then it is suppose to warm up. We are very much ready for spring and window whiffies!

Clarissa & Co.


  1. I'm glad the weather is improving for some of my friends! I'm glad you and your friends enjoyed the Valentine's Day cards - Binga is quite the popular Valentine kitty!

  2. We had a really bad ice storm here in December, and while we had more ice than the Toronto region, they were harder hit because they missed Ice Storm '98, which took down so many of our city's trees. So we know how dangerous ice storms can be and agree, snow is better.

    Though we, too, are SO ready for spring. But in our area, winter just won't let up.

    Purrs you all stay safe and for that warming trend to continue for you.

  3. well Jazzpurr honey, did your claws not get a grip maybe?

    1. That's exactly what happened, Katie! It's a slick surface and there is nothing to get a grip on! And I am a "chubster" (that's what mom calls me!) so I'm on the round side! To quote that bat in the movie Ferngully: Gravity works!

  4. It's okay Jazzpurr, slips happen! We had 7 inches of snow topped off with some ice in SC. We are not too happy with that goofy groundhog down this way!