Monday, February 3, 2014

More Snow and an Update on Fiona

This is what we woke up to this morning kitties:  5" of fresh snow!  Mom got up at 6:30am and found out that the university (where she works) canceled classes and closed offices for the day...again. She'll get paid for the day since it was the university's decision to close. This is what our backyard looked like:

Fiona had a follow-up visit with the ophthalmologist at 9:15am. Mom was a bit concerned when she left the house, but the main roads and interstates were fine. She said the side roads and ramps were iffy though. Anymew, Fiona received a very good report from the doctor. Her eye looks so much better! The redness is gone, but she still needs eye drops. The doctor did change the dosage on the two she has been getting and she added one new eye drop.

Fiona will now get 1 drop of Dexamethasone solution once daily, 1 drop of Tacrolimus 0.02% solution twice daily, and 1 drop of Idoxuridine 0.1% solution twice daily.  She is also to get 500mg Lysine twice daily.  She is to see the doctor again in May. Of course, if there is a problem mom will take her in before then.

The diagnosis is suspect feline herpes virus in the right eye and keratitits in the right eye.

And last of all, Katie Isabella gave us this wonderful award:

We are suppose to pass this award on to another kitty, so we are going to pass it on to:

Brulee and Truffle at Sweet Purrfections

Angel Prancer Pie, Princess, and Princeton at Prancer Pie

and the crew at The Katnip Lounge

We hope everyfur had a great day!

Clarissa & Co.


  1. Thank you for the sweet award, kittehz.
    We are so, so glad to hear about Fiona's eye! Sending lots of get well purrs your way.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Concatulations on your award! I'm sending purrs to Fiona that she heals soon - that is a lot of meds she has to deal with for her eyes!

  3. Congrats on the cool award and BRrrrr on the snow. I sure am glad Fiona is doing better.

  4. Hi Clarissa. We're supposed to get lots of snow starting tonite. Bleh. We're so tired of snow! We're glad Fiona's eye is getting better. And congrats on your award!