Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We are back!!!

Clarissa here!  I am so sorry we have been absent from our blog. Mom has been busy and she has not let us have much computer time. First off, we hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool where it is hot and staying dry where it is raining. It has rained a lot here lately. Mom said she is tired of it. Of course, she is already tired of the hot weather too!

Second, we are sorry to tell our friends that our cousin, King Alfred Hitchcock the Great (aka Squishy) crossed the Bridge on June 28.  Squishy was rapidly losing weight and went to the vet on June 25. An x-ray showed two masses in his body. The largest one was growing around his intestines and spleen. The smaller one was near his heart. He was scheduled for an ultrasound on June 27, but after talking with the vet, his mom decided not to have the procedure done. Anty Torchy brought Squishy home.

Our mom had arrived in North Carolina on Wednesday. She had planned her trip to visit Anty Torchy and Squishy, Wick, and Gracie a couple of months ago. Mom and Anty Torchy talked a lot about Squishy and his quality of life. He did not appear to be in pain, but he had no interest in food. He was still trying to be social, but mom said just looking at his face she could tell he was not a happy boy. Anty Torchy made the decision late that afternoon that it was time to help Squishy cross the Bridge.

Mom went to the vet's office with Anty Torchy and Squishy the next afternoon. She said it was just as hard for her to say goodbye to Squishy as it was when she said goodbye to Panda. There were lots of tears, but it was the right thing to do. Squishy peacefully crossed the Bridge in his mom's arms while our mom held one of his paws.

Right after he crossed, the sky opened up and it stormed like crazy. But after the storm passed, mom and Anty Torchy saw the most beautiful rainbow ever. They both said that Squishy was letting them know that he was okay.

Rest in Peace sweet Squishy. We never met you, but mom said you were one of the sweetest kitties she's ever met and your were made of LOVE.

Squishy lived with Anty Torchy for two years. She thought he was around four years old. The vet said he was more likely between eight to ten years old.


  1. we bee trooly sorre ta heer bout squishy.....God's speed two ewe squishy....


  2. Purrs to Squishy's human. He sounds like he was a wonderful kitty.

  3. Sending purrs and comforting thoughts to Squishy's humans. XOXO