Friday, July 19, 2013

Memphis is back at the vet's

Mom talked to my vet a few minutes ago. I've lost more weight. He gave me an appetite stimulant and has two different types of food in front of me. I am ignoring them. My temperature is normal. He said there is still some redness in the back of my mouth. They are going to give me some sub-q fluids and if he thinks it won't interfere with any tests I'll have to have on Monday, I'll get a steroid shot. I have a 9am appointment to see an internist/specialist vet on Monday.


Mom here. Memphis would not eat last night. He laid on my bed, curled up in a tight ball. He is not showing any interest in food. I was able to isolate him in a separate room last night with his litterbox, kibble, and water. None of it had been touched overnight.

I am trying to remain positive, but his behavior has me frightened. Having just lost Panda to kidney failure in April, I am very concerned that Memphis will have those same problems.

My regular vet suggest that I take Memphis to see a specialist. Hopefully this new doctor can get to the root of the matter. Not knowing what I'm dealing with is the hardest part.

Please keep my boy, Memphis, in your purrs and prayers. 


  1. Purrs and PURRS from us! We hope the vet can figure out what is going on, and soon.

    1. Thank you all for your purrs. So far Memphis has had an appetite stimulate, a vitamin B12 shot, an antibiotic shot, and a steroid shot. The vet said that the back of his mouth was still very red. Memphis has eaten a little at the vet's office. He has also had sub-q fluids administered. Memphis is not running a fever. I have made an appointment for him with an internist/specialist for 9am on Monday.

  2. We are all sending our best purrs and prayers to dear Memphis. We know how stressful not knowing what's wrong can be.

  3. Thank you very much, Brian and gang. Your purrs and prayers are so appreciated!

  4. I am purring lots for Memphis. It sounds like the back of his mouth is very inflamed, so no wonder he does not want to eat. I hope the vet can get him fixed up soon.

  5. Thank you Sparkle. We are hoping the steroid injection will help with the inflamation.

  6. We're sending our most potent purrs, and keeping you both in our purrayers. Our human knows exactly what it's like to have a sick cat, with no real diagnosis. It's not stomatitis, or something similar, is it? Often with stomatitis, extracting all the teeth, though drastic, helps tremendously. Whatever the problem, we're crossing our paws for a real diagnosis, and that it's something that can be treated easily.

  7. Stomatitis was not mentioned by our vet, but we suppose it could be a possibility. Although none of us have dealt with it, we know of several kitties who have. Thank you for the suggestion.