Monday, July 22, 2013

Memphis Monday Report

Memphis is doing much better since our last report on Friday. He has been eating...a lot! Mom has been feeding him canned stinky goodness and he loves it. And last night he started eating his dry kibble again. It makes our hearts happy to see him eating.

Memphis is also being more social. He has been sleeping on our uncle's bed and sleeping with our uncle at night. He hangs around with mom if our uncle isn't around. Our uncle is leaving for Florida tomorrow and will be gone for a week. We are hoping that Memphis will be okay with that. He will be alone with us during the day while mom is at work.

Since Memphis is doing so well now, mom didn't take him to the internist this morning. The weather was horrible and she didn't want to drag him out in the rain.

Thank you all for your purrs, prayers, and positive thoughts. We appreciated it more than you'll ever know!


  1. Way to go Memphis, we are so happy to hear you are doing better!

  2. I am SO glad to hear Memphis is doing better - I'm sending lots of purrs to make sure he keeps healing!

  3. YAY! I know the frustration of a kitty who will not eat.. it is not fun