Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Hots/Memphis Report

Oh kitties! It is so HOT here. The temperature is around 95F but the "heat index" makes it feel like 104F!  We are so glad we are inside where the air conditioner is keeping us cool. When mom got up at 6:30 this morning the outdoor temperature was already 80F!

Brother Memphis was laying on top of mom's bed when she got home last night. He let her pet him, but she didn't want to bother him too much. She was happy to see him on the bed instead of under it. A bit later she took a handful of kibble in to him and laid it on the bed right in front of him. Memphis did eat a little of it before he jump off the bed to retreat beneath it.

Our uncle said the Memphis slept with him last night, something he hasn't done for awhile. And when mom got up this morning some fur was scratching on her bedroom door. She thought it was Ginger. But it was none other than Memphis! She picked him up and kissed his nose, then she put him on her bed.  He stayed there for awhile, but soon jumped down and took off. She did not see him again before she had to leave for work.

We have our paws crossed that Memphis is coming out of his funk and will be back to his old self soon!

An older picture of Memphis from his shelter days.


  1. Memphis, I really hope with all my heart that you will be better sweet one. xoxoxox

    Tell Mommy that my mommy said if she could see Clarissa in that very pose in the avatar, she'd consider it (house cleaning) becasuse you know how she loves that picture!

  2. Sounds like progress! Paws crossed that it continues, and Memphis is back to normal soon!

  3. it's getting hot in here... so take off all your... clothes?!

    Get well soon so we can party!