Monday, February 25, 2013


Tiramisu is actually the name of a dessert, and this Tiramisu looks absolutely delicious.

This beautiful kitty was trapped last week. She was thought to be feral, but the person who trapped said she is a love bug. She had Tiramisu spayed and is keeping her while she heals up from surgery. Unfortunately she will not be able to keep Tiramisu. She will be going to her hometown's humane society's adoption site on weekends. We don't think this striking girl will have much trouble finding a forever home.
Tiramisu's foster mom thinks she is a Chinchilla-Himalayan mix. Apparently the swirl pattern comes from the Chinchilla breed. She has the beautiful blue eyes from the Himalayan (or perhaps Siamese?).


  1. wow - she is just lovely. if she is as sweet as she is pretty, we bet she finds her new family in no time!!

  2. Tiramisu !
    what's a yummy name : )
    with your yummy look, I'm sure you will find a good home so soon
    Purrs for you

  3. She is most yummy-looking! Purrs for her furever home to come along quickly.

  4. What a unique looking kitty! And if she has a great personality on top of it, yeah, she should be able to find a home pretty easily! Paws crossed!

  5. What a unique and beautiful coat she has.