Monday, February 11, 2013

Man-Kitten Monday

These two cuties just got there Forever Homes on Friday with a friend of mom's who lives out-of-state. Their names are Bendlet and Bowtie. As you can see from the first two pictures, both babies where born with twisted front legs.

This is Bendlet.

This is Bowtie.

Their new meowmie has dealt with this "problem" before. Her dear Bendy kitty crossed the Bridge, was also born with twisted front legs. Bendy wore splints on his front legs and it helped straighten them enough for him to get around without any problems. The kittens now have splints on their little front legs.

Their meowmie also took in two senior kitties over the weekend. Montana is 19 years old and was left at a shelter. Montana will live out the rest of her days here. She brought a friend with her, mancat Logan, who is 12.

We are so happy these kitties have found a forever home with our mom's friend.


  1. WONDERFUL! Kudos and tons of good karma to your Mom's friend.

  2. YEAH!!!! happy endings all around. our local rescue has a couple of these kittens and they do the bunny hop :)

  3. Yes, definitely kudos, karma and blessings to your mom's friend. What an angel she is for these kittens and senior cats!

  4. Your human's friend is AWESOME! And smart. And kind.

  5. That is the best news and I am just thrilled for all of them!