Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Sable

Mom has found pics of us on her computer at work. In order to clear them off of this computer she will helping us share them here. Some of them have probably been posted here in the past, but we don't think you will mind seeing them again.

This baby Sable in October 2001. He is approximately 9 weeks old in these pictures. Mom doesn't have a whole of kitten pictures of Sable and that makes her sad. Me (Clarissa) and Sable are the only two kitties who came to our forever home as little kittens.

This is the little brat bothering me! Sable is a bit bigger in this picture. I hissed at him when he first moved in and didn't want anything to do with him. But eventually I warmed up to him and taught him a lot the cat things he needed to know.
And this is how Sable looks today. He sure turned into a handsome mancat, didn't he? He is a big house panther but still a sweet boy. His favorite place to sleep is on mom's left thigh when she is sitting in the recliner.

Sable will be 12 years old this fall. Mom says that is hard to believe!!!