Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bombs Away!!!!

Do you remember how dear Admiral Hestorb used to leave "bombit traps" for her mom to find? Well friends, we have learned her lesson well! We started by leaving the traps at normal places, like the doorway, the middle of the kitchen floor, or the hallway. Any place where our unsuspecting mom might have a chance to step in one in the dark, in the night, while she was wearing socks, or best of all, barefooted!!! She always squeals with delight when that happens.

We have upped our game when it comes to the location of placing bombit traps now. The floors and walking paths through the house are much to easy and mom has learned to expect that. Our new place to leave them is now on mom's bed!!! Last night's trap was the best one to date!!! You see, we started this by leaving them on the foot of the bed, on her blanket, of course. Occasionally we might leave a trap high up on the bed, but always on the blanket.

Yesterday mom didn't do a great job of making her bed. Memphis Meezer had gotten up there and made his daily mancave. He gets cold so he will burrow under the blanket while mom is at work. Anymew, mom got in bed last night and pulled her sheet and blanket up to her neck. She was having a hard time getting comfortable and she reached down and found the bombit trap we had set for her. It was cold, wet, kibble! MOL!!!!

Mom had to turn the light on, get out of bed, get some paper towels and clean up the mess. Then she had to take that blanket off of the bed and put a clean one on the bed. She told us how much she loved us the whole time this was going on...NOT. Actually she said a couple of not-safe-for-kitten-ears words and then said, "Really, cats? All of the floors around here and you have to yak on my bed?"  We told her it could be worse. We could of yakked on her pillow!

So remember kitties! If you want to make your humans really happy, hide a bombit trap in their blanket!!!


  1. The Admiral would be so very proud!!!

  2. My human is annoyingly savvy about these things... she never is surprised!