Monday, November 5, 2012

We have a bullying problem...

Memphis, our Siamese-Manx brother, has taken to hiding in the closet and even sleeping there. Last night, while mom was on the computer, Memphis came into the room meowing and acting racing around and then ran into the closet. Mom found him hiding in the corner between the wall and a storage box. Our uncle said Panda had walked into the room and Memphis lost his mind and ran.

One day last week mom and our uncle heard a lot of growling and meowing. Our uncle said the ruckus was caused by Panda and Memphis. Memphis took off and hid. Memphis has been doing this since then. Memphis will come out as long as Panda isn't around. He will also come out and stay with mom when she is on the computer or hang with our uncle if Panda isn't around.

Fiona used to bully him but they finally came to an understanding. Mom knows our house really isn't large enough for the number of cats who live here, but here they are and here they will stay. And Panda really isn't a bad cat. She is just not fond of other cats who get too close to her.

Mom is at a loss as to what to do. Will this run it's course and everything be fine? She feels bad for Memphis and doesn't want him to hide in the closet. He does come out to use the litter box, eat, and drink. If anyone has suggestions mom would appreciate them!


  1. Vertical space! We added a couple of cat trees and re-arranged the furniture--it was enough of a change to disrupt "traffic patterns" and a lot of our problem stopped. Even adding some wall shelves could help.

    Can you feed them close together, or play might help.

  2. Definitely vertical space, super idea.

    Also consider something like the Vetri-Science Composure treats, or PetAlive's homeopathic PetCalm, or vet-purchased Zylkene (in the UK for several years, new to North America, but even my dinky vet clinic was able to get it in for me, for Derry).

  3. I agree with Katnip Lounge - vertical space is a necessity with multiple cats! Find out where the conflicts are happening, and what seems to be the cause or what sets it off. Then see if you can keep the two of them out of each other's way for whatever that situation happens to be.

    In addition to Fuzzy Tales' suggestion, look into Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences. A friend of my human's used some of them for conflicts in her house, and they really helped!

  4. We think vertical space is a good idea.

  5. Sounds like great ideas to us! We're adding vertical space too.