Monday, November 12, 2012

Meowmie and Memphis Monday

Sorry we have been absent from the blogoshpere. We've had a sickie at home and have been taking care of her. Yep, mom has been down again. She woke up during the wee hours of Friday morning with chills and nausea.  Her nausea passed by 10am, but the fever remained until sometime early Sunday morning. We kitties were taking bets on how high mom's fever would reach. It topped on Friday night at 103!!!  Mom's temp stayed between 100/101 on Saturday.  She didn't have much of an appetite, but she made herself drink a lot of water. When she woke up on Sunday morning, she said she was all wet and stinky - her fever had broken and her temp was 98.6! Mom is feeling much better and was able to go back to work today.

Memphis is still acting odd. He has been venturing out of his closet and he has been sleeping in mom's bed at night. Our uncle was holding Memphis last night and out of the blue he started screaming - Memphis, not our uncle - and wanted down. Memphis may have seen Panda, we don't know for sure. He doesn't seem to run or get upset by anyone else. Memphis was in bed with mom again this morning, and he was cautiously wandering about while she was getting ready for work.

Mom here:  Memphis truly has me puzzled. Physically there is nothing wrong with him. He comes to me for attention if I am on the computer. He will rub around my legs, let me rub his head and shoulders, and I know not to touch his tail-less behind. Some kitties like scritches at the base of their tails, but that is a very sensitive spot for Memphis, and not in a good way! Memphis was in bed with me the other morning and I was rubbing his head. I touched one of his front paws and he smacked me and cried. This is a cat who will lay in my lap and let me trim his claws and not complain. It makes me very sad to see this change in him.


  1. Purring SUPER loud for your Mummy and for sweet Memphis.

  2. Do you think a vet would be able to figure out what is going on with Memphis? It does sound like something is going on medically that needs to be addressed.

  3. So sorry to hear the Mom and Memphis have been having health issues. Sending Healing purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to both of them.

    Also wanted to let you know that I gave you an award.