Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bye Bye Trees

The trees in our yard and all of the brush have been going bye-bye today. It's been way too noisy for us cats! Mom said the yard (both front and back) look so much better. We don't really care how the yard looks since we stay inside, but we know with the one maple tree gone and the mulberry tree that was up near the house, we will get lots more sun! That means more sun puddles to sleep in!!! That will be really nice this winter, especially since there is less sun light now!

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who suggest more vertical space in the house for us. Mom will see what she can do to work on that. We have three cat trees already. One is in the living room and the other two are in front of opposite windows in the family room. Mom roused Memphis out of the closet for a bit last night and held him. As soon as she relaxed her hold on him, he headed back for the closet. He came out on his own for a few minutes today, but as soon as the noise started back up he bolted back into the closet.

Mom did make an a vettie appointment for Memphis for later today. She is going to have him checked out just to ease her mind that there is not a physical problem going on with him. One thing she has learned over the past 12 years of having us is we usually hide when we aren't feeling well.

We promise to keep our friends posted on what we find out.  

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  1. Maybe with the yard clearance some new, good places to hang out will appear! Might be a good thing to see where the kitties gravitate to - it will give you a clue maybe as to where you can get creative, giving them more vertical space or a more complex hangout area.