Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Questions Answered and Other Stuff

It looks like we are going to have thunderbloomers here at any minute. The sky is dark and there are flashes of lightning!  Unless it gets really loud, storms don't really bother any of us kitties. Sister Serendipity will sit in the window and watch the storms. The rest of us tend to sleep through them. At least mom made it to work before the storm got here.

A couple of kitties left questions for me in their comments about yesterdays post. I thought I would take a couple of minutes to answer them.

Katie Isabella wanted to know how old I am.  I turned 12 this year, probably in June. Mom adopted me on August 27, 2000 when I was 8 weeks old!  I was 4 years old when I started over-grooming my tummy. Mom thought it was in response to my human grandpa being so sick. I was with him during the days while mom was at work.  He went into the hospital in July 2004, then move to a nursing home, the back to the hospital. He crossed the Bridge in late August 2004.  Mom has taken me to a dermatologist, and he recommend that we try I different food. Mom has tried many different foods and none of them have made a difference.  So now, about ever three months, I have to get a Depo shot.  Mom doesn't like it, but it is the only thing that works with me.

Prancer Pie asked if I kissed my mom with my dirty mouf! The answer is YES!!!  Mom will scoop me up and kiss my nose and sometimes she will kiss me right on my kitty mouf!!!  She calls me her "baby girl" and "Rissa Roo the Kitty Poo".  I got that nickname from her dad when I was a kitten. Actually, mom said she knew he fell in love with me when he started calling me s**thead!  Mom didn't think that was a very nice name for a cute little kitten like I was! So maybe I actually learned those bad words from him!!! MOL

Me and the crew hope everyone has a safe and dry Tuesday!


  1. I sure hope those evil storms leave you alone!

  2. My human does not kiss me on the mouth. And I am kind of glad about that.

  3. I got one kiss on my mouf but I don't encourage it. She just got carried away.

    Have you tried to inclusde Science Diet or any other brand Sensitive skin foods? They have helped me not to over groom.