Monday, September 24, 2012

Cuss Like A Sailor Day (Not Really!!!)

Happy Monday!  Fall is in the air and the nights are getting cooler here. It was 42 degrees when mom left for work this morning. But it is sunny and bright, and while mom is at work, I will be napping in every sun puddle I can find! That's what most of us did yesterday, too.  Being a cat is hard work sometimes. All that eating kibble, washing up, and napping makes us tired!

Anymew, mom took me to the v-e-t on Saturday. I had to get my depo injection again. It's the only thing that makes my belly feel better so that I stop pull my fur out.  I don't mind it when mom puts me in the PTU (pet transport unit) and I usually don't mind riding in the car. I actually don't mind being at the vet's office. What I do mind is when the tech and the vet start weighing me and poking around on me. This visit was no different.

As soon at the tech lifted me out of the carrier I started growling. She put me on the scale and I hissed. I do weigh 9 lbs., which is a good weight for my build. My regular vet was out of the office, so a substitute vet filled in for him. This doctor was very nice, as far as vets go! He trimmed my talons claws and I growled and hissed some more. Then he looked into my ears. They were really dirty so he cleaned them. More hissing and growling ensued. Finally he asked, "Where did you learn such language, young lady?"  Mom told him I learned to cuss from Fiona!

Soon it was all over. I got my injection and it was back into the PTU and home!  Mom will be checking the injection site for any cyst that may develop. The last shot caused one, but then it went away.

Oh, Jazzpurr and Spunky get to go for their annuals next Saturday!


  1. we think a little name calling is absolutely ok if you get dragged to the v-e-t

  2. We agree with Random Felines. :-)

    "Angel" Annie used to curse a blue streak and it always took a couple of techs to manage her. LOL.

  3. When I go to the vet, I am usually too scared to curse!

  4. Do you kiss your Mommy wif that mouf??? MOL!

  5. sweetheart, Admiral felt that "pain" She had the shots for the same reason. How old a furbaby are you?

  6. Oh and Admiral swore like a sailor cause she was a sailor! Whew...cover your ears!